What Causes Chronic Diarrhea in Cats?


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Chronic diarrhea in cats is caused by several different conditions, including irritable bowel disorder, parasites, tumors, birth abnormalities (short colon, for example), sensitivities to diet and exposure to toxic materials, reports PetMD. Changes in the food that the cat eats and providing food that is difficult to digest or that is high in fat may exacerbate the chronic diarrhea problem.

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What Causes Chronic Diarrhea in Cats?
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If an owner notices that his or her cat is experiencing an onslaught of diarrhea as well as frequent defecation, vomiting, black feces, weight loss and mucus substances in the feces, then the owner should bring the cat into its veterinarian as soon as possible. Without treatment, the problem can get worse and the cat can experience additional problems.

The diagnosis will be made after the veterinarian has had a chance to examine the cat and to run a stool sample. The veterinarian will be looking at tests that examine the digestive tract, the metabolic rate of the cat and whether or not any parasites or infections are present. He will also ask for a dietary history of the cat to look at the influence that food may be having on the cat's diarrhea problem. Treatment can involve a series of deworming treatments if there are parasites present, as well as antimicrobial drugs. Antibiotics may be prescribed as well as a new diet. If the diarrhea situation is severe then the cat may even be hospitalized so that it can begin receiving fluid and IV treatments.

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