What Causes a Cat's Head to Shake or Tremble Often?

What Causes a Cat's Head to Shake or Tremble Often?

A cat’s head can shake or tremble due to tremors, which are a symptom of an underlying health problem. Tremors occur when the muscles contract and relax involuntarily and repetitively. Tremors in cats can be caused by numerous factors, including inflammation, injury, nervous system disease, hypoglycemia and kidney failure, according to PetMD.

Additional causes of tremors can be drug side effects, severe pain or weakness, and plant- or chemical-based toxicity. The tremors may also be genetic or congenital.

A veterinarian can perform a physical exam and various diagnostic tests on the cat to determine the cause of the tremors. Standard laboratory examinations include a biochemistry profile, urinalysis, complete blood count and electrolyte panel. Additional diagnostic tests that may be administered are a CT-Scan, an MRI, x-rays and CSF testing.

After gathering the test results, the veterinarian can determine the most effective treatment options. Most of the possible underlying health problems of tremors are treatable, but some are untreatable.

A cat with tremors should avoid over-excitement and vigorous exercise. Some exercise is helpful for the cat, however, as long as it is low-impact and gentle. The cat should be monitored throughout the treatment process, and a veterinarian should be contacted if any of the cat’s symptoms worsen during the prescribed treatment.