What Caused the End of the Jurassic Period?

According to Science Views, no one knows for sure what caused the end of the Jurassic period, but they do know that several species started to die out, which gave rise to the Cretaceous period. Scientists do not believe that the transition from the Jurassic period to the Cretaceous period was as violent as the transition that took place at the start of the Jurassic period.

Science Views says that the Jurassic period started after a large extinction at the end of the Triassic period. Scientists believe that the start of the Jurassic period was caused by the splitting of Pangaea, which was what the continents were called before they split up into different landmasses. The splitting of Pangaea caused massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which gave way to a large extinction. No such global event took place during the transition between the Jurassic period and the Triassic period.

The end of the Jurassic period is marked by what scientists call “The Great Extinction.” Many theories exist as to how this extinction took place, but some evidence suggests that it was due to plant decay. The creatures that survived during this transition included bugs that fed on dead organisms and mammals that fed on insects.