Do Cats' Whiskers Grow Back If They Are Cut?

cats-whiskers-grow-back-cut Credit: Elizabeth Skene/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Cats shed their whiskers naturally, and they grow new ones several times in a lifetime. Even though whiskers can grow back if cut, it is a mistake to trim them.

Cat whiskers, unlike human hair, are touch receptors. These stiffer, longer hairs, which are also called vibrissae, are embedded deeper in the cat's body, unlike the body hair. The vibrissae are connected to the cat's sensitive muscular and nervous systems. This helps the cat respond to charges in its surroundings, giving it a heightened sense of feeling. Trimming or cutting whiskers can cause a cat to become disoriented and frightened. However, if the whiskers are cut accidentally, they grow back within a span of a few months.