Why Do Cats Wander Off Before They Die?


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Some cats wander off before they die because they are sick or weak and want to find a quiet, safe place to hide from potential dangers. Cats are predatory animals, and their natural instinct is to hide any vulnerability or weakness from other predators. If a cat cannot find a quiet and safe place to hide near its home, it may continue wandering away until it finds somewhere suitable.

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Not all cats wander off before they die. Many cats feel perfectly safe and comfortable in their homes, and they often spend their last moments near their owners. Whether or not a cat wanders off before dying may have to do with that cat's individual personality. For instance, a highly social cat might spend its last days near its owners and other animal companions, while a solitary cat may wander off somewhere quiet.

Many cats, particularly those that spend large amounts of time outdoors may die away from home purely by coincidence. Unlike humans, cats do not understand death, and some cats leave their homes to go about their normal daily routines, passing away before coming home. Sadly, some cats become injured or killed due to interactions with humans, animals or machinery while away from home and may not be able to return.

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