Why Are Cats' Noses Wet?

cats-noses-wet Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

The moistness of a cat’s nose varies according to changes in the environment. Although cats' noses are commonly wet, a dry nose does not directly indicate any health problem, according to TheNest.com. Some cats with “wet noses” are treated for dehydration, while others are diagnosed to be in perfect shape.

Cats' noses, like most mammals, have a moist appearance. The damp surface surrounding the nostril of a feline's nose is called a rhinarium, according to Lund University. A cat's keen sense of smell is linked to having a rhinaria. It helps the cat detect wind direction, thus the discovery of the location of a particular smell.

It is also possible for a cat's nose to be too wet. If a cat is suffering from an upper respiratory infection, a runny, dripping nose is a noticeable symptom. The most common cause of an upper respiratory infection in a cat is feline herpes. A cat with feline herpes experiences outbreaks from time to time and develops a runny nose.