Why Do Cats Move Their Kittens?


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Mother cats will move their litter of kittens to escape predators or find a place they consider more suitable for raising them. Cats are very aware that their kittens rely completely on the protection and teaching of their mother, and for this reason cats spend a lot of time deciding where to give birth and then where to raise their young.

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Sometimes the place a cat gives birth is not ideal. They will then move their kittens to a place they believe to be more ideal for raising the offspring. Other times, the place they give birth changes, and it becomes less suitable than it was when the cat first chose it. This change could be due to the presence of predators or an increase in exposure to the elements.

When choosing a place to raise their kittens, cats prefer somewhere that is quiet and secluded. Mother cats prefer to raise their young privately, and if they are receiving too much attention from a loving human or a set of dangerous predators, they will look for a more secluded and safe place to move their family. Bright lights or frequent loud noises may also prompt a cat to move to a quieter, darker location.

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