Do Cats Miss Their Owners?

Cats can miss their owners. Like dogs, cats form an emotional bond with their owners and suffer from separation anxiety. Usually, cats' stress levels go unnoticed due to the lack of research and understanding of how cats show emotion.

Cats miss their owners based on an emotional connection and the cat's level of independence. A cat deeply connected to its owner is more likely to feel tension in the owner's absence.

Cats interact with their owners as they would another cat. Cats crave their owners' attention. They, like dogs, are excited when their owner returns home after being away. Some cats become distressed when their owners are at work, for instance.

Cats' stress levels can be minimized. As a creature of habit, a cat's anxiety is decreased by sticking to a normal routine while the owner is away for an extended period. To ease anxiety, Elizabeth Burns of The Nest suggests recruiting a family member or familiar friend as a temporary caregiver. Even saying good-bye can help. Having more than one cat can help alleviate separation anxiety, as cats can cuddle and play with each other. An owner can help by making sure the cat stays occupied and stimulated with familiar toys and a window perch with a view of the outside.