Do Cats Love Their Owners?

Most cats love their owners as much as their owners love them. However, it's important to remember that cats show their love in different ways from other animals. This makes some cats appear distant or unaffectionate.

Not all the ways cats show love are hard to understand. For example, cats love with a technique called bunting that involves the cat pushing or rubbing its face against the owner. When the cat's head bumps its owner's face, the cat is leaving a signature scent on the owner. These are signs of affection and that the cat cares for that person.

One way that cats show love is by scratching. Cats like to leave visual proof of their ownership behind. This is why they scratch up their favorite places. This behavior often involves a cat scratching up a place that is associated with its owner. The cat is not doing it to be mean but rather to label that spot as a place it owns.

Kneading is another example of how a cat shows that it loves its owner. This is when a cat uses its two front paws to knead a soft surface. This is a behavior that cats learn as kittens. They knead at their mother's breasts to help induce milk. Adult cats often continue this behavior when they feel content or relaxed.