What Do Cats Like to Eat?


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Cats like to eat meat because they are obligated carnivores. Animal proteins are the only forms of protein that provide any nutritional benefit. It is not unusual to find a cat eating broccoli, grass or another green plant to help regulate her digestive system better.

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Meat provides cats with essential amino acids necessary for survival, such as arginine and taurine. A taurine deficiency can lead to blindness, development abnormalities in kittens, and heart disease. Grass helps cleanse a cat's digestive system, assisting her in regurgitate hairballs, parasites or food that does not agree with her.

Most cats prefer fresh meat or canned food to dry kibble. Fresh meat is most attractive because it is the purest form of animal protein. The type of kibble in protein often has too high an amount of plant-based protein, such as soy, rather than animal-based protein. Dry food also has a higher count of carbohydrates, offering no nutritional value to the cat.

If a cat enjoys eating something like a potato chip, she is doing so simply due to enjoyment of the flavor. Carbohydrates offer no nutritional benefit in cats, since they are unable to convert carbs into energy. Some vets put cats on high-fiber diets to assist in weight loss.

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