What Do Cats Like?

Cats enjoy things like grooming, clawing, scratching, cat nip, sleeping, and playing with toys or other animals. While cats in general like to do certain things, favorite activities and treats can differ from cat to cat.

Cats are intuitive, wise creatures who are extremely aware of what they like. One of the things cats enjoy the most is human interaction. Many cats enjoy being played with and petted by their human owners. Cats don’t just eat because they need to, but eat because they enjoy it as well. Cats are known to love to indulge in a tasty treat of wet or gravy canned food.

Cats also enjoy catnip, a plant that causes cats to roll around in joy just from smelling or eating it. Cats enjoy fresh water. Cat owners can often find their pets drinking from the kitchen faucet or licking an ice cube. Although their playfulness peaks as kittens, cats enjoy playing, whether with themselves, humans or other felines. A piece of string or toy mouse can provide hours and hours of entertainment for a cat. Cats also find pleasure in other activities, such as watching other animals and sunning in window sills, clawing, scratching, and grooming their fur after a nap.