Why Do Cats and Dogs Fight?

cats-dogs-fight Credit: Vasiliki Varvaki/E+/Getty Images

Cats and dogs fight when dogs believe that the cat is prey and want to harm the cat by catching it with its teeth. However, many other dogs believe that the cat is a friend and chase after the cat to "fight" with it in order to play with it.

Even in play a dog can injure a cat by biting the cat too hard. Cats that are harassed by a playful dog will also be under severe stress and the cat will often choose to retaliate. Dogs and cats who fight frequently can cause many problems and are a dangerous combination. A dog can easily wound or kill a cat by crushing the cat in his jaw. The cat can also easily wound a dog by attacking the dog's face. Outdoors a dog and cat fight chase can lead to the death of both animals if they run into the road and get hit by a moving vehicle.

For many dogs, living with cats is a peaceful process. Yet, those same dogs that get along with their house cat may choose to chase other cats that they do not know when they encounter them outdoors. It is crucial that pet owners keep an eye on their pets and monitor their behavior with other pets.

To eliminate cat-chasing behavior in dogs or aggressive cat attacks on a dog, an animal behaviorist should be consulted.