How Do You Find Catfish for Pond Stocking?


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Purchase catfish for pond stocking from a local or regional fish farm or pond management agency. Dunn's Fish Farm in Fittstown, Oklahoma, Foster Lake and Pond Management in North Carolina and the Freshwater Fish Company in Elk Grove and Wilton farms in California are among the providers of pond catfish.

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As of 2016, Dunn's Fish Farm provides catfish and other farm fish to customers in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. The states of Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama are also on the farm's truck route. Largemouth bass, channel catfish, hybrid bluegill, Florida bass and coppernose bluegill are among the fish available from the farm. You can order catfish using the farm's online shopping cart.

Foster Lake and Pond Management is located in both Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina, and the farm provides channel catfish, largemouth bass and fathead minnows. The website provides both ordering information and advice regarding the number of catfish in different sized ponds. The website also has a price list.

The Freshwater Fish Company includes 200 acres of land between locations, and the farm provides channel catfish, among other fish. The website also provides contact information for inquiries concerning catfish pond stocking. Per California regulations, state fish buyers need state permits to stock ponds.

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