How Do You Catch a Stray Cat?


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Catch feral and stray cats using a large trap and bait. Feed a cat in the trap for several days until he grows accustomed to the trap, then withhold food for 24 hours before putting bait out and triggering the trap.

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How Do You Catch a Stray Cat?
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If a first attempt fails, or a cat is especially afraid of entering the trap, make the bait more enticing. Onion-free jarred baby food, catnip and canned fish are difficult for cats to resist, especially the more pungent flavors. Wipe the cage down in fish oil or catnip to mask or remove the scent of humans, which can spook a cat. Some cats can also be encouraged to enter or trigger a trap by a laser pointer guiding them in.

Drop traps are often used to capture a stray cat because they do not rely on encouraging an animal to enter an enclosed, dark and unfamiliar space. However, drop traps do require a human to trigger their release. If no traps are available, a large carrier can also suffice, provided that a human is ready to close the door when the cat enters. Female cats can be easily caught if their kittens are found and placed in a carrier.

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