How Do You Catch Squirrels?

How Do You Catch Squirrels?

How Do You Catch Squirrels?

Catch squirrels safely and humanely by placing a steel cage trap in an exterior area where squirrels frequent. Bait or food can be placed into the cage to entice the animals to enter the trap.

  1. Set up a trap or cage

    Purchase or build a small wire or steel-cage trap that is approximately 18 inches long and 5 inches wide. Place the trap in a grassy area where squirrels are abundant, or hoist and secure the trap to a tree or elevated structure. To ensure the squirrel does not overheat or dehydrate, place the cage in a shaded area.

  2. Place bait inside the cage

    To attract the small critters, place food on a weight-sensitive plate or board that leads into the cage. Once the squirrel steps on the plate or board, the cage should be configured to close and lock, trapping the squirrel.

  3. Monitor the trap

    Secure the bait, board and cage and leave the area. A person's presence may scare away the squirrel or put him in danger if the squirrel tries to approach or attack. Check the cage often, in case the bait or food needs to be replaced. Once the squirrel is trapped in the cage, contact the local animal control center to pick up the squirrel.