How Do You Catch a Skunk?

How Do You Catch a Skunk?

Before trapping skunks, obtain the necessary license required in the state. To trap the animal, place a trap near the den entrance, bait the trap and partially cover it with canvas. After capturing the skunk, release or euthanize it according to local regulations.

  1. Obtain the necessary license

    Contact your local game and wildlife organization to determine whether a license is required to trap skunks on the property legally. State regulations may also limit trapping to specific months of the year unless the skunk is causing damage to the property.

  2. Locate the den

    Lightly cover suspected den entrances with loose soil, and monitor the area for signs of activity. Dens can be located under sheds or other buildings on the property.

  3. Set the traps

    Place traps, either made from solid metal or wire mesh, near the den entrances, and bait the traps with fish-flavored cat food or sardines. If wire mesh traps are used, cover one end of the trap with canvas or an old blanket.

  4. Remove the skunk

    After trapping the skunk, quietly approach the trap from the side that is covered with the canvas to avoid being sprayed, and cover the remainder of the cage with the canvas. Release the skunk within 100 yards of the capture site, or humanely euthanize the skunk using a method that is allowed according to local regulations.