How Do You Catch a Possum?

How Do You Catch a Possum?

To catch a possum, choose the best trap for your property, and then put bait in the trap. Wait for the trap to catch the possum, checking each day. After capture, release the possum out into the wild, or dispose of the possum in an appropriate manner.

  1. Choose the best trap for your property

    The most common types of traps are live capture, leg-hold and the kill trap. The live capture trap is the most popular in urban areas.

  2. Set the bait in the trap

    Set some carrots, apple slices and/or kiwi fruit into the bait section of the trap, referring to your owner's manual for the precise placement. Choose other fruits if these are not available because possums eat just about anything. Set the trap by lifting the door and setting the trip pin according to the instructions. Rub the bait near the trap if using a leg-hold trap, and connect the chain to a firm object as close by as possible. Clear the surrounding area so that pets and other animals avoid injury.

  3. Release or dispose of the possum

    Put the live capture trap in the back of your car or truck (or drop the possum stuck in the leg-capture trap into a cage and put it into your vehicle), and drive at least 5 miles from your home. Release the animal with the cage facing away from you. Remember that the possum has made a negative emotional connection with your yard and isn't coming back. Contact animal control to dispose of a dead possum, or dispose of it according to city and county regulations.