How Do You Catch a Pigeon?

catch-pigeon Credit: Kosala Bandara/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Pigeons are mostly viewed as pests rather than pets, so catching them is not a good idea. They might be carriers of diseases, and their droppings are hard to remove from windowsills, vehicles and rooftops. Capturing them for removal to new areas involves baiting them with food, but the process is not easy.

To successfully catch pigeons, it is vital that food is used as the bait. Pigeons are known to be voracious eaters. Once the pigeons are trained to expect food from a specific place, the next step is to lay the trap. The door of the cage should be left open and food should be sprinkled into the trap itself. This is essential because the pigeon can blindly follow the food path and walk into the trap without realizing. Once the trap is set, the door is closed with the bird trapped inside the cage. The bird then has to be taken to a location and set free. Please keep in mind, most pigeons return back to their initial homes. The best idea, therefore, is to install spikes or other barricades to prevent them from entering balconies, or place glass to stop them from landing on the windowsill or rooftop.