How Do You Catch a Lizard?

How Do You Catch a Lizard?

To catch a lizard, take a container too large to allow the lizard to escape and a stick at least two to three feet long. To trap a lizard that you have seen earlier but cannot find now, gather some dead insects, that same large container and some dead insects.

  1. Move the lizard into a container

    Gather a trash can, pail or other container that the lizard cannot escape, and a stick at least two feet long. Walk toward the lizard slowly, and set the container down with the opening facing the lizard. Use the stick to touch the lizard's rear gently, on the tail or back. Do not hit the lizard; instead, guide it toward the container. Turn the container up and cover when the lizard runs inside. Clean your hands thoroughly if the lizard touches you.

  2. Lasso the lizard

    Cut off a section of dental floss that is as long as the stick from Step 1. Connect one end of the floss to one end of the stick, and form a loop in the other end of the floss, a couple inches from the far end. Make a bight by forming a "U" in the floss between the loop and the closer end, and then draw that "U" through the loop. Drape this slipknot over the neck of the lizard, and pull up on the stick when the knot is in place. Flip the lizard over, and caress its stomach using one finger to calm the lizard. Put the lizard in the bucket, cover, and release outside.

  3. Trap the lizard

    Fill the container from Step 1 about a third of the way up with leaves and green grass. Cover the container with plastic wrap, and cut a slit about six inches long and a half inch wide in the center. Put some dead insects next to the slit, and set the container outside, out of direct light. Use leaves to camouflage the container. Check at least once a day to see if the lizard has gone for the food and fallen into the container.