How Do You Catch a Gopher?

How Do You Catch a Gopher?

How Do You Catch a Gopher?

Gophers can be pests to homeowners and gardeners due to their destructive burrowing and eating of plants. While professionals are recommended for gopher removal, it is possible to do the work yourself.

  1. Decide whether you want to hire a professional

    Some exterminators offer gopher removal, but this can be expensive and usually includes the death of the animal.

  2. Explore methods of trapping

    If catching and releasing, different methods for capture exist, such as box traps. Gophers instinctively try to plug their own burrows, so placing a specialized box trap over this burrow will entice the gopher to cover it again. Once the gopher moves through the trap to cover its burrow, the spring releases and shuts the door. Just after dawn is the most effective time for capturing a gopher.

  3. Release the gopher

    It is important to pick a proper area for release, such as a meadow or grassy area away from humans. Otherwise, the gopher is likely to become the pest for someone else.