How Do You Catch a Feral Cat?

How Do You Catch a Feral Cat?

How Do You Catch a Feral Cat?

According to the Feral Cat Coalition, one of the best ways to catch a feral cat is to set a baited live-trap for it. These traps are available at many hardware stores, the Humane Society and local cat sanctuaries. Keep in mind that most feral cats are fearful of human contact, and will not react well to being held in captivity, especially if they are older cats.

  1. Entice the cat

    Set out food in the same place at the same time for several days in a row to get the cat accustomed to coming to the area where the trap will be set. Put the unset trap in the same area so the cat gets used to seeing and smelling it. On the day before the trap is set, do not set out food to ensure that the cat is hungry.

  2. Set the trap

    Line the bottom of the trap with newspaper or an old towel. Place it on a level surface so it doesn't wobble when the cat goes inside. Place food with a strong odor such as canned tuna or wet cat food at the rear of the trap. Lift the door of the trap and secure it in place with the small hook attached to it.

  3. Wait for the cat

    Leave the area to avoid scaring the cat away but remain close by. Check the trap every 30 minutes or so until you find it has been tripped. Check to make sure that you have the right cat in the trap and not a pet or other animal.