How Do You Catch an Escaped Bird?


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To catch an escaped bird, act quickly to visually locate the bird. Next, place its cage near the area where it escaped, and place bird food or treats inside the cage. Then call the bird to see if it will come to you.

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If the bird escapes inside, close all the windows and doors to prevent it from getting outside, and confine the bird inside one room if possible. If the bird escapes outside, search through the nearby trees, bushes or any other obvious perches it could use. The bird may simply fly back to you if you can get its attention. The bird may be in shock or too afraid to move, so maintain visual contact with it at all times. If the bird is still inside, place its cage in the same room and make sure to leave the cage door open. If the bird is outside, place the cage on the porch or doorstep if the bird flew out through the door or on the windowsill if it flew out through the window. A bird often returns to its cage on its own if it can see it easily, because the cage represents comfort and security. It may also be enticed to come back to you or fly into its cage if you call its name or repeat familiar words, sounds or phrases to it. If the bird is inside and it doesn't respond to calls, carefully throw a towel or sheet over it so it can't fly away. Bundle the bird in the cloth and carry it over to the cage before releasing it inside and closing the door.

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