How Do You Catch an Armadillo?


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To capture an armadillo, use a sturdy metal trap that is large enough to secure the pest. Fencing on both sides of the trap helps guide the armadillo into the cage.

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How Do You Catch an Armadillo?
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The trap used should be at least 7 inches high, 7 inches wide and 24 inches in length. Larger traps can be used, but larger traps may not be as sturdy. The armadillo does not eat bait, but it may enter a trap that has previously held another armadillo. One method of trapping armadillos is to place barriers in front of the trap to form a tunnel-like path. Armadillos have poor eyesight, and they often rely on walls or fencing to navigate at night. The animal will use the fencing as a guide, which allows the trap to work effectively. Portable garden fencing, bricks or wood may be used to build a pathway to the trap.

Armadillos often build more than a single tunnel, so it might be necessary to place several traps on the property to catch the animal within a short time. Tunnels may be located near food, such as garbage bins, or water sources, such as outdoor faucets. Observe the animal for several nights to determine the best areas to set the traps. After catching the armadillo, remove it, and reset the trap. Check local laws and regulations to determine the best method of removal after trapping an armadillo. In some locations, setting the animal free in another location may be discouraged.

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