What Are the Best Cat Toys?


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The best cat toys is subjective and each cat will have their own favorite toys to play with; however, most cats enjoy catnip, small balls, empty paper bags, empty cardboard boxes, laser light toy, toys with bells and fishing pool toys. Creating toys at home is also a popular option, but it is important to remember that cats should not have access to items such as paper clips, plastic bags, string, rubber bands, ribbons or dental floss.

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Finding toys that can be dangled and can be chased are ideal for people who want to interact with their pets. These toys often have fur or feathers at the end of the stick and the owner can either dangle it for the cat to play with on its own or they can drag it along for the cat to chase. Another solution for cat toys are toys that have catnip in them. Cats love catnip and they will not become addicted to the substance. It is also completely safe.

The Humane Society recommends that cat owners also put toys in a rotation and employ a hide-and-seek introduction technique for toys. Cats get bored of toys in the same way that humans do, so taking toys away for a few weeks at a time and then reintroducing them is the best way to keep the cat engaged. The hide-and-seek method is simply a method where the toys are hidden around the home for the cat to find. When the cat discovers the toy it will automatically be more cherished and considered more fun by the cat.

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