How Do You Do Cat Toilet Training?

How Do You Do Cat Toilet Training?

Toilet train your cat by gradually moving your cat's litter box nearer to the toilet. Then use an insert placed inside the toilet bowl for your cat to use. Once your cat is accustomed to using the litter inside the toilet, you may remove the insert completely.

  1. Relocate your cat's litter box

    Over a period of days move the litter box toward the bathroom, and raise the height of the litter box from the floor by placing it onto a stack of papers or a box. Eventually the litter box should be directly beside or on top of the toilet seat.

  2. Place a litter box insert into the bowl

    Purchase a litter box insert, and fill it with flushable cat litter. As your cat is using the litter box, check his foot positioning on the toilet seat. Your cat should be responsive to minimal repositioning and praise. Gradually reduce the amount of litter you place into the insert, and keep it clean. Once your cat is comfortable with just a small amount of litter in the insert, begin to use a small amount of water in the bowl instead. Your cat is ready for the next step when he is able to place all four feet onto the toilet seat, and not into the bowl.

  3. Remove the insert

    Observe that your cat is still comfortable using the toilet with the bowl removed. The toilet lid must remain open at all times.