What Is the Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats?

cat-food-indoor-cats Credit: Tom Thai/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

The best food for an indoor cat must contain a large amount of animal based proteins and fats. According to WebMD Pets, cats benefit from low carbohydrates and meat-based diets.

Cats nutritional needs are different from the needs of dogs. Much like their relatives in the wild, domestic cats have metabolisms that are better suited to digesting meat than vegetables. When searching for a food for their cat, owners should look at the top of the ingredients list for meats. Carbohydrates contribute to obesity in cats, so foods that are high in carbohydrates should be avoided.

The American Association of Feed Control Officials evaluates cat foods, and veterinarians recommend looking for foods that bear their AAFCO label. Another factor for owners to consider is whether to buy dry or wet food. Each type has benefits. Dry food typically costs less and lasts longer when left out. However, dry foods are higher in carbohydrates and lower in water content. Wet food provides more water content and contains more animal fat and protein. Veterinarians haven't settled on any one food that is best for all cats. Owners may focus on finding a food that pleases their cat's tastes while also meeting its nutritional needs.