What Is Cat Food Analysis?


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A cat food analysis is an examination of a cat food product to ensure it's nutritionally balanced and complete. According to Cat Food Reviews, a good way to ensure quality is to look for the AAFCO label on a cat food's packaging. AAFCO stands for the American Association of Feed Control Officials. High-quality foods should contain significant amounts of animal protein because cats are carnivorous.

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Cat Food Reviews states that a cat food analysis should reveal the amounts and kinds of unsatisfactory byproducts included in a cat's feed. Cat foods should never contain cheap fillers, artificial colors or harmful preservatives. A cat's level of activity, overall condition, weight and age all determine the type of food that is ultimately chosen after an assessment is made.

According to PetEducation.com, no one food takes care of all of a cat's health and nutritional needs. Brands are formulated to meet the requirements of a set group of cats, such as overweight cats, kittens, healthy cats and older cats.

A food that is suited for a dog can cause health issues in a cat. According to PetEducation.com, cats need special supplementation in the form of amino acids and specific fatty acids, like linoleic acid, in their diet.

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