What Are Some Cat Exercise Equipment Options?


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Cats benefit greatly from object play, with common toys being laser pointers and wands that imitate the movement of bugs and birds, according to WebMD. Multi-tiered cat towers can encourage overweight animals to climb and jump, writes Everyday Health. One company has also developed a kitty treadmill, reports CNET.

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Indoor cats need daily planned exercise with toys to avoid becoming overweight or obese like an estimated 57 percent of household cats, writes WebMD. Roaming the house is generally not considered a sufficient amount of exercise. Bringing in another cat can do more harm than good, especially if the established cat is expected to share existing toys, treats and litter boxes. However, some of the stress can be ameliorated by providing the new cat with new toys and equipment to help the established cat form a positive association.

Tall, multi-tiered cat towers not only satisfy a cat's innate urge to climb, but keep the cat working out, says Everyday Health. Placing small treats on various levels of the tower can encourage the cat to climb and explore more.

One Fast Cat announced a Kickstarter in 2014 for an indoor cat treadmill to help cats expel their energy, according to CNET. A bored indoor cat with too much energy may become destructive or depressed.

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