What Are Some Cat Care Tips?


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Cat care essentials include constant access to fresh food and clean water, a clean litter box, regular grooming and having toys available to combat boredom. Cats should also receive regular veterinary care, according to the Humane Society. It is advisable to spay or neuter cats to help keep them healthy.

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What Are Some Cat Care Tips?
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Cats are commonly known as independent creatures, but they need regular care to ensure that they are content, healthy pets. Nutritious dry or canned cat food is essential as is a clean dish of water that is changed regularly. Provide cats with a scratching post to help keep them from sharpening their claws on furniture or carpets. Purchase cat toys at pet stores, or make them from common household items, such as tin foil. While cats often groom themselves, groom them regularly with a gentle brush to remove excess hair to help prevent hairballs.

Veterinary care is a resource that every cat owner needs to use on a regular basis. Local animal shelters can provide a list of local veterinarians or low-cost veterinary care options for pet owners who do not already have a trusted veterinarian. Vets keep cats up-to-date on vaccinations and deworming, and they also screen cats for other health and behavioral problems. Cats should be spayed or neutered to keep local shelters from becoming overpopulated.

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