Are Carrots Bad for Dogs?


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Carrots are considered a healthy treat for dogs, according to K-9 Kraving. They contain beta carotene and vitamins that a dog needs for a healthy coat and circulatory system. Wild carrot roots are safe for dogs, but only young roots must be consumed, as older plants have woody taproots that are not digestible.

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Although the carrot, technically the taproot of the plant, is completely safe for consumption, green parts of the plant and carrot flowers can cause irritation if they come into contact with a dog's exposed skin, nose, lips, gums or paw pads. The main dangers that carrots present to dogs are choking and accidental ingestion of wild poisonous plants that resemble wild carrots. Hemlock and fool's parsley resemble wild carrots and are both highly poisonous; no part of either plant must ever be fed to a dog.

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