How Do You Care for a Yorkie Puppy?


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Elvis Yorkshire Terrier notes there are many ways to care for a Yorkie puppy, including supplying quality food and water, bathing and grooming frequently and keeping a low-stress environment. Before the puppy comes home, find a trustworthy veterinarian in the area.

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How Do You Care for a Yorkie Puppy?
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Another thing to do before the Yorkie pup comes home is to puppy proof the house. This includes picking up any items that the dog may find and destroy as well as putting away any household items that may be harmful to the dog. Make sure the house has all supplies needed for feeding and caring for the Yorkie. This includes both wet and dry dog food, pedialyte and a 3-cc syringe. Also, make sure to have a digital thermometer and Kayro syrup, honey or Nutra-Cal. When the dog arrives, try to make its home environment stress-free and take it to the vet within three to 10 days for a check-up.

The dog should be fed as the breeder instructs for at least two weeks before introducing new food. Yorkie pups should eat three to four times a day. After a year to 24 months, the puppy can switch to adult dog food, Elvis Yorkshire Terrier advises. New food can be introduced by mixing the new food with old food in increments over a period of five days. Minimize treats or human food.

Bathe the puppy no less than once per month. Brush the Yorkie's fur daily and use a cloth to wash the dog's underside every day to clean urine from it. Finally, keep the dog's ears trimmed short and brush its teeth with a special dog toothpaste and toothbrush.

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