How Do You Care for a Woolly Bear Caterpillar?


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The woolly bear caterpillar, which turns into a tiger moth, needs food, minimal water and a safe habitat. Begin by finding one outside in October in your garden, the forest or yard, then place it in a clear plastic or glass jar with holes cut out of the lid, according to eHow.com.

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To encourage cocooning, place a twig or small branch diagonally in the container. After the caterpillar has fallen asleep, be sure to keep the jar in a cool place, as this stimulates metamorphosis. The best place to keep the habitat is in an outside shelter during the winter months. When the caterpillar awakes in spring, watch it spin a silk cocoon. Within a week of this happening, the tiger month emerges.

For food, the caterpillar likes the plant it was found on or other shrubs, leaves, plants or small trees. Iceberg lettuce is another option If you run out of these foods. Do not add food to the jar when the caterpillar is hibernating. Resume feeding when it awakes in the spring.

To keep the caterpillar from drowning, do not place a bowl or cup of water in its jar. Instead, lightly spray or mist its food with water droplets for it to drink.

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