How Do You Care for a Willow Goldfinch?

How Do You Care for a Willow Goldfinch?

To care for a willow goldfinch, also called an American goldfinch, create an inviting environment with feeders and plants. Prevent the spread of disease by keeping feeding areas well raked. Attracting these birds into your yard requires bird feeders, bird seed and plants native to their habitats.

  1. Identify this bird

    Learn the common characteristics of the willow goldfinch. Male willow goldfinches are bright yellow with black and white streaks across the tips of their tails and wings. Their tails are notched at the tip. Their orange beaks are the shape of a cone. Female willow goldfinches are more dull in color and lack the same streaking on the wings and tail of their male counterparts.

  2. Use feeders to invite the birds

    Create an environment that invites willow goldfinches into your yard. They love any kind of bird feeder. Although they prefer sunflower seeds, they enjoy most types of seeds. Willow finches are attracted to areas with lots of shrubs and thistles.

  3. Prevent the spread of disease

    Keep areas under bird feeders well raked to help prevent the spread of diseases like house finch eye disease. Regularly wash your hanging bird feeders with a bleach-solution, and allow them to dry completely before re-hanging them.