How Do You Care for a White's Tree Frog?

How Do You Care for a White's Tree Frog?

To care for a White's tree frog, provide him with a clean habitat, clean water and the right amount of suitable food. You need a terrarium, heat lamp, water dish, spray bottle and appropriate food to care for the frog.

  1. Prepare a suitable habitat

    Purchase the necessary items to keep the frog healthy and happy. A 10-gallon terrarium is enough space for one or two frogs. The surface within the terrarium should not be pebbles or gravel because the frog might eat the surface substance accidentally. Add a heat lamp that provides all the necessary UVB light. Additionally, provide items for the frog to climb on, behind and through. Be sure the terrarium has a tight-fitting lid so the frog cannot escape.

  2. Provide clean water

    Purchase a water dish that is quite shallow, so the frog cannot jump in and drown. These frogs do not do well in water. Replace the frog's water daily. Provide spring or drinking water, but avoid distilled water. The frog's habitat needs to be humid. Along with drinking water in the bowl, spray clean water into the terrarium daily from a spray bottle. Be certain the frog's skin stays moist.

  3. Provide suitable food

    Provide mealworms and crickets and occasionally pinkie mice. Do not overfeed the frog. Watch the frog's weight. If it starts getting fat, cut back on its food slightly.

  4. Avoid stressful environments

    Keep the frog in a quiet room where he is not under stress. Occasional moments of stress and noise aren't dangerous, but constant stress leads to illness and potentially early death.