How Do You Care for a Welsh Terrier?


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A Welsh Terrier is an independent, quick and smart dog that requires a strong, active owner to provide exercise and companionship. This breed takes well to crate training, but also needs regular leash walks and a fenced outdoor space.

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How Do You Care for a Welsh Terrier?
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Bred in the United Kingdom for hunting down small animals, the Welsh Terrier is a small to medium-sized dog with wiry, curly hair. It has a hardy but loyal disposition, and it is quick to respond to an owner's change in mood. Those caring for a Welsh Terrier should have time to train it in commands and keep the dog engaged with activities.

This dog requires a minimal amount of grooming, and most owners can get by with a few hair trims with the clippers each year. Bathing is not usually recommended. The dog's wiry coat helps protect it against the elements and soapy baths can destroy that. However, they do like water, even jumping into to go for swims.

As intelligent dogs, Welsh Terriers are easy to train on the leash, but may challenge owners for dominance. These dogs have a lot of energy and also require a space of their own outside to run around. Owners should consider a fenced dog run, but keep an eye on that dog because they have been known to scale chain link.

Terriers are hunting dogs and can get a little troublesome if those instincts are not satisfied. An unleashed Terrier may take off after a small critter on a moment's notice. It is essential to teach a Welsh Terrier from a young age to "come" and to "stay" on command. Owners should start young and continually reinforce these commands.

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