How Do You Take Care of a Turtle?


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To take care of a turtle, change the water in the turtle's tank once a week, thoroughly clean the entire tank once or twice a month, and feed the turtle four or five times a week. Taking care of a turtle is an ongoing process and requires turtle food, a habitat with water, a UV light, a heating lamp and a water filter.

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  1. Keep the water in the turtle's tank fresh

    Change the water in your turtle's tank every week. Test the water levels with a pH test kit each time you change the water. Aim for water that tests between 7 and 8 on the pH scale. Include a canister or power filter in the tank to further help with fresh water for your pet.

  2. Clean the tank

    Remove the turtle from the tank, and place it in a container only used by the turtle. Wash your hands after handling the turtle. Empty the tank of water, and clean the habitat thoroughly taking care to not introduce any soaps or chemicals to the tank that would be harmful for the animal. You can purchase safe cleaning supplies from a pet supply store.

  3. Feed your pet

    Give your turtle green leafy vegetables, insects such as crickets, or prepared turtle food purchased from a pet supply store. Baby turtles should be fed each day, while adults can be fed four or five times a week.

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