How Do You Take Care of a Tiger Barb?


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Because of their propensity to attack, three or fewer tiger barbs are best kept away from other kinds of fish; alternatively, six or more tiger barbs mostly keep to themselves in a tank with other species. With proper care, tiger barbs live three to five years. They require a moderately sized, water-filled tank and access to appropriate fish food.

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  1. Prepare the proper water conditions

    Fill your tank with water that is soft and slightly acidic. Water temperature is not important for tiger barbs, and they don't need a heated tank. However, make sure the tank is well lit. Finish it with a fine layer of rocks on the bottom.

  2. Place some plants in your tank

    Decorate the interior of your barb's tank with lots of different plants. These plants can be live, artificial, or a combination of both. Place some around the outside of the tank as well, to ensure your fish feel adapted and comfortable in their environment. This helps reduce stress and anxiety.

  3. Feed the barb properly

    Feed your tiger barbs a variety of fish foods, such as flakes, frozen shrimp, worms and beef hearts. Tiger barbs even consume cooked vegetables. Offering your tiger barbs a balanced diet helps keep their immune systems healthy.

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