How Do You Care for a Teacup Stingray?


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Teacup stingrays should be housed in an aquarium that is no smaller than 90 gallons. Because rays are bottom dwellers, the floor of the tank should be relatively clear of obstacles and potentially sharp objects that the ray may cut itself on. Plants, either natural or plastic, should not be used, because they have a tendency to be uprooted by the rays.

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The bottom of the tank should be layered with small-grained gravel or sand. A teacup ray's natural inclination is to bury itself in the sand when it feels threatened and to blow sand away from the bottom in the constant search for food. Therefore, adding a finely ground substrate will do wonders for keeping a ray comfortable and relaxed.

Teacup rays generally prefer water that has a lower pH and is free from chlorine and ammonia. Tap water can be used to fill a tank as long as water conditioners are added to counter the chemicals. Because teacup rays are larger than normal fish and eat considerably more, they will produce a lot of waste. To combat this, it is important to purchase a filter designed to handle ray tanks and to change the water frequently to avoid bacteria and nitrogen build up. Teacup rays will generally eat a number of crustaceans and invertebrates including earthworms, small shrimp, krill and crayfish.

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