How Do You Care for Teacup Poodle Puppies?


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Caring for a teacup poodle puppy involves vaccinations, taking the puppy to the vet, training and proper nutrition. Teacup poodle puppies generally need one booster shot a week until they reach 16 weeks old.

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It is especially important that a new puppy doesn't become too stressed out from the transition to a new home and family. The new environment can cause the puppy to become overwhelmed even if its new owner is giving it love and attention. Puppies are also at risk for low blood sugar especially if they are tiny. Low blood sugar is caused by a poor diet or illness. A new owner's best bet is to watch over the puppy at all times and give it plenty of attention.

Training is also important for puppies. There are several options to house train a new puppy, including crate training, pee pad training or litter box training. It is important to remember to always praise the puppy during training and to be consistent. Usually a stern or low voice is enough to discipline a puppy.

A good idea is to have an area designated for the puppy to sleep. Poodle puppies need a lot of sleep, so it is important that they have a safe and quiet place to do so.

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