How Do You Care for a Teacup Pig?


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According to Pixie Pigs, teacup pigs are cared for the same as normal pigs, and they do not need to be treated any different. Male pigs are susceptible to urinary tract infection, so they must be given plenty of water. They must also have access to water to play in, especially during hot weather or heat spells.

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Pigs love to play in mud, so it is not a problem as long as they are cleaned before entering a building. Teacup pigs are fed a commercial pig diet. They are given miniature pig feed instead of one used for feeder hogs. Fruits and vegetables are fine for training pigs, but they must not be overused.

Teacup pigs can live in a house, and a large dog bed is adequate for bedding. According to PawNation, teacup pigs are very smart, and they should not be allowed to freely roam the house when no one is home. Any area that a pig has access to must be adequately pig-proofed. They can also be crate-trained by following traditional dog training methods.

Teacup pigs are not an actual breed of pigs; they are tinier versions of normal pigs. They are normally bred from runts, but it is possible for a teacup pig to grow up and weigh over 50 pounds.

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