How Do You Care for a Short-Legged Jack Russell Terrier?

care-short-legged-jack-russell-terrier Credit: @Hans Surfer/Moment/Getty Images

A short-legged Jack Russell Terrier has the same personality as a regular Jack Russell, and thus requires vigorous daily exercise as well as intense training. A prospective dog owner should choose a Jack Russell Terrier only if they have enough time and energy to commit to such an active and often stubborn dog.

Though originally popular for their hunting abilities in the 1800s, Jack Russell Terriers have become hugely popular in Hollywood for their incredible ability to learn tricks. This fact doesn't mean that they are easy to train, though, as they only reach this point after a lifetime of training. Due to their hunting background, terriers love to dig, run and play at all times. If they aren't able to do so, they become destructive as they try to release that energy around the house.

A Jack Russell Terrier's owner needs to be strict and dominant at all times or else the pet can form many emotional disorders due to their excess confidence. Most commonly, these disorders include separation anxiety and obsessive barking, as they feel that they are the leader of the house and should be commanding their owners. With all that said, a Jack Russell Terrier can be very loving, obedient, and affectionate if given proper training and regular exercise.