How Do You Care for Sheep?


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Caring for sheep involves proper housing, feeding, veterinary care and socialization. Sheep need a pasture to graze and shelter from wind, rain, snow and hot sun. A barn works for shelter if it has an extended roof for shade, and a three-sided shelter also suffices. Sheep are grazing animals and they require some pasture space for food and exercise.

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Keep sheep in a well-fenced area to prevent the sheep from escaping and predators from coming in. Sheep are sheared once a year, usually in the spring before lambing season.

While the sheep graze in the pasture all day, they require additional nutritional supplements. Stock pastures with grains that are different from typical lawn grass. Use hay and alfalfa to supplement pasture feeding. Other grains such as oats are especially beneficial to older sheep and those with nutritional deficiencies. In addition, provide a salt lick or mineral salt supplements to sheep. Provide plenty of fresh clean water; a sheep needs a lot of water to maintain temperature and stay hydrated.

Sheep require regular veterinary care including immunizations and treatment for worms and other parasites. They also require a balance of socialization in the pasture. Sheep typically get along well with other sheep but it is not advisable to keep them in a small pasture with other animal species. Pasture with other animals in a larger setting is allowable but monitor closely for signs of distress. Socialize a ram early and often with humans because a ram with no fear of humans is dangerous to any farm. These rams attack and are usually put down to preserve harmony on the farm.

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