How Do You Care for Rottweiler Puppies?


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Care for a Rottweiler puppy by feeding it properly, providing it with the necessary health care, housebreaking it, giving it obedience training and making sure it gets enough exercise. A Rottweiler puppy also needs consistent socialization and companionship.

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How Do You Care for Rottweiler Puppies?
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Start by feeding your Rottweiler puppy low-calorie, nutrient-rich puppy food without additives and chemicals three times a day. High calorie foods can cause the dog to grow too fast for its body, making it injury prone. Chemicals in food can cause Rottweiler allergies to act up. Keep the puppy healthy by getting it vaccinated in a timely manner, watching out and treating any pest infestations, and getting it groomed regularly.

Start housebreaking the puppy by using crate training and being consistent in teaching it good habits early on. Make sure the puppy has regular access to the outdoors for potty breaks and appropriate potty spots every hour. You can also start its obedience training early by teaching basic commands and using positive reinforcement in the form of treats.

Exercise and play with the puppy regularly to help meet its need for regular socialization. Socialize it by exposing it to different places, people, sounds and smells, making it comfortable in all sorts of situations and friendlier.

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