How Do You Care for a Rescued Exotic Shorthair Cat?


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A rescue cat requires a litter box and regular meals. Adult cats receive one large or two to three small meals per day, while kittens eat anywhere between three to four times per day. An Exotic Shorthair only requires weekly grooming, but the breed is prone to overflowing tear ducts.

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A brachycephalous breed, the Exotic Shorthair does not cope well with heat, especially with the heavy fur coat. The cat may also need to have the area around the eyes wiped with a wet cloth to prevent staining from the tear ducts. While there are no genetic abnormalities or diseases strongly associated with the breed, an Exotic Shorthair may be prone to sinus problems or teeth overcrowding that should be monitored. While excessive grooming is not necessary, brushing the coat regularly can help minimize hairballs and shedding.

In addition to having a litter box left in a quiet, private location, a rescue cat also needs a place to scratch, even if the claws are trimmed. Some cats also love to play; the Exotic Shorthair is known for being playful, but may be content with a paper ball or string. The Exotic Shorthair is generally social with humans and needs human companionship to avoid feeling lonely.

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