What Are the Care Requirements of Mini Ponies?


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Miniature ponies and horses have different care requirements from their standard counterparts including housing and pasture, grooming, feeding, and medical care. Miniature ponies require less pasture space and can even be kept in a standard yard, about 1 acre of land. Miniature ponies can be kept in a horse barn, but the stall doors need to be low enough to allow adequate airflow. An open and breezy barn with room to run and play outside is best.

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A miniature pony needs to be regularly groomed. Occasional baths suffice and protect the skin's natural oils. Regularly brush the coat and mane of the miniature pony to prevent tangles and coat matting. This also keeps the miniature pony's coat shiny. In the summer during fly season, spray a light coating of fly spray on the animal. Proper hoof and dental care is another part of regular miniature pony maintenance.

A veterinarian can suggest the best nutritional regimen for each individual animal, but in general miniature ponies require a daily intake of grain, grass and oats. Monitor access to the pasture and free grazing, as miniature ponies have a tendency to overeat. It is an important balance as the miniature pony does need to keep eating continuously to keep the digestive track moving.

Other veterinary care and schedules are very similar to that of a pet dog. Hoof care is an exception. Miniature pony hooves need to be trimmed every four to six weeks.

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