How Do You Care for Red Golden Retrievers?


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Caring for a red Golden Retriever includes allowing it to spend a lot of time indoors with the family, training it faithfully, providing regular grooming and giving it plenty of vigorous exercise. Because red Golden Retrievers are prone to certain ailments, regular veterinary checkups are important. They have a tendency toward obesity, so their diets need to be watched and limited.

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Red Golden Retrievers are Golden Retrievers whose coats have a reddish hue due to the influence of an Irish Setter in the original breeding line. Like all Golden Retrievers, their coats need to be brushed a few times a week, and they need baths about every other month. They are calm, well-mannered, eager to please, obedient and easy to train. They thrive on activity and need plenty of exercise to prevent them from becoming obese and to keep them from restless mischief. They also love water and should be allowed to swim and develop retrieving skills.

Yearly visits to a veterinarian are important, as Golden Retrievers are susceptible to such diseases as hip dysplasia, heart disease, skin disorders, eye problems and cancer. A diet of high-quality protein without rich additives and artificial preservatives promotes good health. Red Golden Retrievers that receive a proper diet and enough exercise generally live about 10 to 13 years.

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