How Do You Care for a Rabbit?


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Proper care of a rabbit requires providing suitable housing, time for exercise, a healthy diet, gentle handling and routine veterinary visits. Rabbits are delicate creatures but can make great pets.

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A rabbit is an active animal, so it needs a cage big enough to allow it to move around and stand up. The cage should be at least 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep and 2 feet tall. A rabbit needs exercise and should be allowed out of the cage for several hours each day. The rabbit should be supervised at all times, and the room should have no exposed wires for the rabbit to chew.

Rabbits need a healthy diet of pellets supplemented with fresh greens and plenty of timothy or brome hay. The pellets should contain 15 to 19 percent protein along with 18 percent fiber and should contain no added treats. Rabbits should be picked up gently with their hindquarters supported to avoid spinal injuries which may occur if they kick while being handled. Rabbits shed, so they must be brushed regularly to remove loose hair and debris. Finally, rabbits should have yearly check-ups with a veterinarian familiar with rabbits and should be watched carefully for any changes in eating or drinking behavior.

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