How Do You Take Care of a Puppy?


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Puppies need good nutrition, plenty of fresh water and appropriate veterinary care. Training and socialization is also critical so that the puppy grows up into a happy, well-adjusted adult.

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Younger puppies generally need to be fed more often than older dogs, usually three to four times a day. Once they reach six months of age, they can generally be fed twice a day. Puppy food is generally recommended, although it is a good idea to ask a vet or the puppy's breeder for suggestions. Puppies should see the veterinarian regularly, because they need a series of vaccinations to protect them from disease. They should also be spayed or neutered at an appropriate age.

Training should start early and be done frequently. Puppies need to meet a lot of strange people and new dogs and see a lot of new things. This prevents them from becoming fearful adults, which can lead to dangerous behavior problems such as aggression. Puppies should also start obedience training, although they may be easily distracted and have short attention spans initially. It is important to find a good trainer and use positive reinforcement instead of punishment whenever possible. It is also good to create a routine to help with house training.

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