How Do You Care for Poodle Puppies?


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Because poodle puppies are highly intelligent, they need constant play and exercise. Poodle puppies also require consistent brushing, at least once daily, as their fur is prone to tangles. Consider spaying and neutering poodle puppies, as spaying can prevent breast cancer and uterine infections and neutering prevents prostate, anal and testicular cancers.

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Although poodle puppies require regular exercise and stimulation, it is important to adjust routines to the particular breed. For example, toy poodles are prone to low blood sugar, so walks should be short, with small doses of honey offered to supplement sugar loss. Grooming poodle puppies is not only useful for avoiding tangles, but for staving off skin conditions that might otherwise demand shearing. Baths should be given weekly or biweekly, with the fur rinsed thoroughly to avoid any remaining shampoo irritating the skin.

Poodle puppies are highly susceptible to skin irritation and bloating, so owners should avoid foods containing wheat, corn and soy, as well as animal byproducts such as organs, bones and feathers. Kibbles are recommended for plaque control, and wet food products supplement the puppy's diet with extra nutrients and liquid. Because poodle puppies are extremely intelligent, the owner can toilet-train them on the leash, leading them repeatedly to the bathroom so that, over time, the puppy returns on her own.

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