How Do You Take Care of Pit Bull Puppies?

Like any other puppy, a pit bull puppy requires regular feeding, warmth and plenty of socialization. Caring for multiple puppies takes more time and effort as each needs to be trained and socialized separately.

Pit bull puppies require lots of attention and care to raise a healthy litter. They require frequent feeding, exercise, training, and vet care.

Newborn puppies get everything they need from their mother's milk for the first 4 weeks of life. Orphaned newborns can be fed on a canine milk replacer formula every 2 hours or as suggested by a veterinarian. Puppies are transitioned to solid puppy food during weeks 5 through 8. Start by mixing the food with water to soften it and making it available several times a day. After 8 weeks, the puppies should be eating solid food.

Newborns do not require any exercise. Once the puppies start walking by the third week, they will play with each other. Start taking them outside and get them used to the leash. Puppies should get some outside time at least once a day, and they should be taken on walks twice daily as they get older.

Toilet training, leash training, and socialization are the main points of training. Holding and petting the pit bull puppies from early on help to socialize them with humans. Make sure that each puppy gets individual attention. Leash training can be done gradually as the puppies grow, along with toilet training. Take the puppies outside frequently and praise them when they do successfully go to the bathroom outside.

Puppies should make their first vet visit at 6 weeks of age. The veterinarian will give the puppies an exam and a round of standard vaccinations. The vet may also recommend deworming and flea medication at this time.